Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Pages: 451
Date: 01/09/2008
Grade: 4.5
Details: Stand-alone

Cilla McGowan was born into a Hollywood dynasty but at 30 has turned hr back on the world of showbiz that has left her alone and insecure.
She moves to Little Farm, the now rundown farmhouse that used to belong to her grandmother, Hollywood legend Janet Hardy, who died under mysterious circumstances.
While she is renovating the farmhouse she gets to know and grow close to her neighbour, Ford Sawyer. As the work progresses, friendships develop, attraction turns into love and Cilla starts to feel like she may have found the place she could call home.
But someone doesn't want her there and is attacking both the house and those connected to it in an effort to drive her away.
It's up to Cilla and Ford to uncover the secrets from the past and who is so desperate to keep them, before the manage to kill Cilla.
Nora Roberts as I know and love her, although for me the book could have been about 50 pages shorter.
Still, the combination of suspense, love and sensuality rarely fails to seduce me.

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