Sunday, September 21, 2008


Pages: 183
Date: 21/09/2008
Grade: 4
Details: no. 2 Revenge of the Sisterhood

All the members of the Sisterhood are the victims of injustice in one way or another, and the Sisterhood is there to make sure that each of them gets not only justice, but also revenge on those who wronged them.
Founded and financed by Myra Rutledge and organized by Charles Martin, former MI6 operative and Myra's partner, the Sisterhood is very strong and very secret.
In this book it is Julia Webster's turn to get her justice. Her "victim" is her husband, a senator with a secret and dodgy past, whose sexual escapades have had devastating consequences for Julia. By the time the Sisterhood is finished with him, the senator could well be history.
But there are complications in the form of Jack Emery, Nikki Quinn's ex-partner and assistant D.A. Convinced that the women are up to no good, he's determined to find out what's going on and to stop them. Jack is a problem that needs to be controlled, or all the careful plans will come to nothing.
This book was nothing very special and not especially well written, but it was great fun to read. Reading about women coming out on top is always enjoyable.

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