Monday, September 15, 2008


Pages: 304
Date: 13/09/2008
Grade: 4.5
Details: no. 11 Tempe Brennan Mystery

Working in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tempe is called to a dilapidated house where a disturbing sight has been uncovered in a cellar. Tempe finds the remains of a chicken and a goat, two cauldrons as well as a skull with the bottom jaw missing.
When a few days later a body is found with signs of satanic rituals, all hell breaks lose in Charlotte with one politician especially using fear of the unknown to advance his career.
Tempe has problems with both her temper and her imagination while she and the police try to make sense of all the different finds and clues.
With her personal life in chaos and threats being made against her, Tempe faces a stressful and uncertain time.
Although this was a good and exciting read, it wasn't quite up to the standard of previous books for me. Especially since when the mysteries were resolved I had little or no idea who the main perpetrator was and where he had featured in the story.
This could be partly due to careless reading on my part, but not completely, I think.

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