Friday, September 19, 2008


Pages: 553
Date: 19/09/2008
Grade: 5+
Details: 2nd mystery featuring Cassie Maddox

When Cassie Maddox is called to the scene of a murder by a distraught sounding Sam O'Neill, she doesn't understand why. Cassie has transferred away from the Murder Squad after the disastrous outcome of her last case there. All becomes clear though when she views the corpse; the murdered girl is her double and goes by the name Lexie Maddison, an identity that was invented for Cassie when she worked as an undercover detective.
This likeness creates an unique opportunity; the girls death is kept secret and Cassie once again becomes Lexie in an attempt to flush out the murderer.
But as Lexie starts living Lexie's life she gets sucked into it, and there's a real danger she'll lose track of her intentions and become too rapped up in Lexie and her friends.
This case has all the potential to turn into another disaster, unless Cassie can get her act together.

Although this book did remind me of both THE SECRET HISTORY and THE HOUSE AT MIDNIGHT, it didn't take away anything from my enjoyment. This was a great mystery, a very well written book and a very hard to put down read.

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