Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Pages: 305
Date: 02/09/2008
Grade: 5

I'm so glad that I went back to reading this book after a short interruption halfway through. For some reason I couldn't quite get into the story at first, but I knew that this is the sort of book that I normally love. So, I took a break, read Tribute, and returned to Lottery to find that I had been right; this is a wonderful book.
The story:
Perry's IQ is 76, but that doesn't make him retarded, just slow. Raised by his grandparents and abandoned and/or ridiculed by the rest of his family, he's managing just fine.
When his gram dies, Perry is alone, but with everything she told him, including whom to trust, firmly fixed in his mind he gets on with life.
When he wins millions in the lottery, his world suddenly changes, and the lessons in whom to trust proof more important then they ever were.
Powerful and inspiring.

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