Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Pages: 544
Date: 25/06/2008
Grade: 4+

Another novel by Mosse, set in two different times, with two stories that flow into each other.
In 1891, Leonie Vernier and her brother Anatole flee Paris for Domaine de la Cade, near Carcassonne, only to find that they can't flee their twisted and obsessed tormentor. And in the dark woods surrounding the isolated house, Leonie finds a Visigoth sepulchre and a deck of Tarot cards which both hold secrets and strange and dangerous powers.
In 2007, Meredith Martin comes in contact with the same deck of cards just before she visits Domaine de la Cade while trying to find out about her heritage. But it turns out that the way to her ancestors lies through Leonie and the mysteries she left, and that Meredith has her own battle with an obsessive opponent to face.
This book was nowhere near as good as LABYRINTH. I don't know why Debussy had to be part of the story, and couldn't help feeling that Mosse used magic and mysticism whenever she got stuck in a story line. I just couldn't follow the conclusions, especially Meredith, would come to which appeared to be based on nothing. It would also have helped if an explanation had been given for the obsession in the modern story.
Still, it was an interesting read, if not a page turner.

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