Saturday, June 7, 2008


Pages: 212
Date: 03/06/2008
Grade: 4+
Details: no.6 The Mediator

This is the final instalment in this entertaining series and things are heading for a final showdown.
Paul, having promised not to kill Jesse, but still determined to get rid of his ghostly rival, decides to travel back in time to stop Jesse from being killed and thus from becoming a ghost.
When she finds out what Paul has in mind, Suze goes into a panic. If Jesse doesn't die when he did, then he won't be a ghost in her room, and she'll loose the love of her life, and not even know it has happened.
Determined to stop Paul, Suze travels back in time too. But can she really stand by while the man she loves is murdered when it's in her power to safe him?
Right or wrong, it seems Suze is destined to loose the man she loves, or could there be a miracle waiting for her?
Fun, with a charming ending.

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