Friday, May 30, 2008


Pages: 216
Date: 27/05/2008
Grade: 4
Details: no. 4 The mediator

It's the summer holidays and Suze has taken a job as a child minder in a local hotel. The boy she is mostly minding hates going outside, until Suze discovers that this is because he "can see dead people". Once she explains why this is and what to do, Jack is a changed child, and Suze's problems should be over, except that they've barely started.
Her step-father and -brother stumble on and old grave in the garden and next thing she knows a 150 year old female ghost is threatening her. And the Jesse, the ghost she's in love with and the "owner" of the grave disappears.
Also there's Paul, Jack's older brother, who wants to go out with her, but somehow doesn't seem right to Suze.
In order to sort it all out, Suze has to take extreme measures, so extreme that she might not survive them.
Fun again, if a bit heavier then the previous ones.

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