Saturday, March 1, 2008


Pages: 346
Date: 24/02/2008
Grade: 5
Detail: nr. 2 Dr. David Hunter Mystery

David Hunter is on his way home to London when he's asked to travel to Runa, an Island in the outer Hebrides to look at the scene of an unexplained death.
Although the police officer travelling with him wants this to be a case of accidental death or suicide, David soon determines that they're dealing with a murder victim.
This should be the end of David's involvement, but just before police reinforcements can be brought in from mainland Scotland, a vicious storm front isolates Runa, leaving David stranded.
And then, on the small island, cut off from even communication with the main land, more people die, and it's up to David, and alcoholic and incompetent policeman, and an ex policeman to try and solve the mystery and stop the carnage.
But evil lingers, and even when the case appears to be solved, new revelations surface and danger reappears.
Again a great read, although I do wonder if it's always going to center on small communities. That is of course, provided there is more to come, after the cliffhanger ending.

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TeresaWG said...

Let's hope there are more books to come in this series, Marleen. I am loving it too!