Monday, June 1, 2009


Pages: 432
Date: 01/06/2009
Grade: 4.5
Details: Stand-alone

Of course this is a thriller, it wouldn't be a Harlan Coben book if it wasn't, but in the end it is really a book about parents and their kids. About how we worry about their safety and the lengths we're prepared to go to in order to keep an eye on them and keep them safe.
Adam is sixteen years old and his parents are worried about him, especially after a close friends of his commits suicide. So, they install spy ware on his computer and soon they find they have reason to worry. Then Adam disappears and a desperate race is on to find and safe him.
But that's only the basis of this thriller. There are several sub plots that appear to be either loosely or not at all connected to the Adam storyline. Except that in the end, it all ties in with each other.
The book scored a 4.5 rather than a 5 because of the amount of story lines. In the end it was a bit too much for me to have so many different people and events all linked up. It did lead to me having a hard time keeping people apart and it gave the book a longish and rather slow build up before the action really kicked off. Once it did though, this was a good page turner.

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