Thursday, May 28, 2009


Pages: 419
Date: 27/05/2009
Grade: 5-
Details: no. 2 Odd Thomas Novel

I'm really liking the mix you are presented with in this series.
On the one hand you have the scary/horror element; a main character who can see ghosts and has other supernatural abilities and tends to be up against very depraved adversaries. On the other hand there is the main character himself, Odd Thomas; the kindest, most generous, unselfish and sensitive person you could imagine without ever being sickened by him. For me this combination is really working and keeping me hooked.
In this book, Odd is still trying to come to terms with Stormy's death when he is visited by the ghost of his friend Danny's father. When he goes to their house, he finds the father murdered and Danny missing.
Trusting his instincts he decides to try to find and rescue Danny on his own. A decision that brings him in contact with a very depraved adversary and puts his life in danger on several occasions.
Eventually, this quest leads to Odd making a life-changing decision that would have been unthinkable only days earlier.
A real page turner, which I read in just one day.

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