Friday, May 22, 2009


Pages: 352
Date: 22/05/2009
Grade: 3.5

This was a disappointing book, and in a way I'm sorry I felled compelled to finish it.
But the story always had potential and I kept on waiting for it to live up to what it seemed to promise. In the end though, it turned out to be an unsatisfactory read, with unsympathetic characters and a, to me, unresolved ending. I also felt there was to much philosophising going on, too much introspection and description and not enough action.
This is the story of Ben Mercer who leaves Oxford for Greece after his marriage falls apart. For a month he works in a restaurant when a chance encounter leads him to an archaeological dig near Sparta. The people working there are divided into two groups and the group that doesn't seem to want to know him is the one he yearns to join.
When they do accept and slowly let him in on their secrets he discovers that some people you are better off not knowing, that some secrets should remain unknown and that you should indeed be careful what you wish for. But by then he is in way too deep.

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