Friday, June 12, 2009


Pages: 271
Date: 12/06/2009
Grade: 4-
Details: Previously published in 1994 under the title: Peggy Sue Got Murdered

In the introduction to this novel, Tess Gerritsen says that she considers this book where she made the transition from romantic suspense to writing thrillers.
To me it read more like a book that couldn't quite make up its mind. There is some romance, and there are some thriller elements, but neither where sufficiently developed for me. I think I'll have to stop reading these re-issues of earlier titles by Gerritsen before they put me off her and the thrillers she's yet to write.
Kate Novak is a medical examiner in Boston who in quick succession comes across three bodies of young people who have all died as a result of an overdose from a new, mystery drug.
At first it appears to be a case of a deadly drug being sold on the streets, but when Kate finds her own life threatened, she knows there has to be more going on.
When the authorities refuse to take her claims seriously, it's up to Kate and her unlikely ally to investigate the matter. An investigation that might cost both of them their lives.
This is definitely not a bad story, but nowhere near up to the standard of Gerritsen's later books.

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