Sunday, July 1, 2007


Pages: 405
Date: 30/06/2007
Grade: 4+

Tamzen Bayn is a Forensic Psychiatrist, who is hired by her fiance, a district attorney, to analyze the parents of a twelve year old boy who has killed three people in his school.
What starts out as a straight forward evaluation soon turns into a nightmare, when Tamzin discovers that this isn't the only twelve year old boy who suddenly turned violent. There has to be a connection between these boys, and that connection is closer to Tamzen than she knows.
As she slowly figures out the scary truth, she also realizes that she now knows too much, and is a danger to quite a few people. Which means she is in danger herself.
Good story, though a bit stiff and flat to read. The scary parts aren't as frightening as the could have been and although the story is full of tension, this tension doesn't really come off the pages. I ques it might be "first novel syndrome".
If this is the first one of a series though, I would be interested in reading more.

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