Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Pages: 340
Date: 29/07/2007
Grade: 4+
Details: nr. 12 Stephanie Plum mystery

After a rather long absence, this was a very welcome return to the world of Stephanie Plum & co.
Stephanie's bounty hunting skills haven't improved much since book one, and she and Lula still get up to their usual antics.
But this time Stephanie's problems are not caused by those she's supposed to be bringing in.
It all starts with a woman stalking Stephanie, and claiming to be Ranger's wife.
Then Ranger's daughter is kidnapped from her home in Miami, and Ranger is the chief suspect.
And the female stalker is found shot to dead in her car.
Somebody is obsessed with Ranger and trying to steal his life, a life that would have to include Stephanie.
And Stephanie willingly puts herself out there as bait, in order to help find and save Ranger's daughter.

This was the usual fun and fast read.
Stephanie is still torn between her two gorgeous men.
Lula is still outrageous.
And Grandma out does herself when she decides to join in Lula and Sal's band.
Gave me a good few laugh out loud moments.

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