Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Pages: 275
Date: 16/07/2007
Grade: 4.5
Details #2 Dublin Murder Squad Mystery

A young African Man, Shad, is dumped in the Dublin Mountains late one night. His foot has been amputated and badly stitched, after which he was abandoned to die. He manages to crawl to a house and raise the alarm, but later dies in hospital.
Molly Powers and Jim Quilligan of the Dublin Murder Squad are baffled. Are they dealing with African rituals? Or maybe with a racially motivated murder?
Shad's younger brother, Jude, meantime vows to find his brother's killer and is far more successful in this endeavour than the police which puts his own life in serious danger.
This book is very relevant in today's Ireland where we're only beginning to get to terms with the fact that we're now a country people want to come to to live and work and a lot of people have a problem with all the new and foreign cultures.
This clash in cultures isn't just difficult in this book though; it also gives rice to several laugh out loud moments, although I'm not sure how much sense they would make to someone unfamiliar with the situation and lay out of Dublin.
I did have the mystery solved fairly early on, but still enjoyed the read a lot.

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