Monday, July 9, 2007


Pages: 443
Date: 09/07/2007
Grade: 4-

When three beautiful and successful women disappear, it takes a while before the Dublin police force recognises them as connected.
When they do, they call in Kate Waters, crime profiler, and former lover of the lead investigator who gives them a useful profile of the unknown abductor.
However, they are completely unaware that they are being set-up, all of them; Kate is being set up, the police is being set up and even the abductor is being set up.
But unless they realise what exactly is going on, on all the different levels, and who is orchestrating the show, the outcome could be disastrous, not only for the three women already abducted, but also for Kate, who is destined to be the fourth beautiful and successful woman to disappear.
Not a bad thriller, but not much of a mystery. Some of the main players in the set-up are named from the start, but the ones who were supposed to be under wraps were blatantly obvious to me as well. And this made it hard for me to believe in the investigators being completely in the dark.

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