Friday, May 7, 2010


Pages: 409
Date: 06/05/2010
Grade: 4
Details: no. 1 The Cousins' War

This is the story of Elizabeth Woodville, set in the second half of the 15th century during the tumultuous times that were the Wars of the Roses.
Elizabeth Woodville is a widow with two young sons when, with the aid of some witchcraft performed by her mother, she seduces and secretly marries King Edward IV of the family of the White Rose of York, the family her first husband fought against when he died.
Although Edward and Elizabeth are happy together, the times they live in are dangerous and violent and their enemies are plenty. Alliances are constantly switching, everybody is hungry for power, betrayal and death are never far away, no matter what your position.
Elizabeth will live a life filled with love and passion, blessed with lots of children but also full of heartbreaking loss, culminating in the disappearance of the young princes in the tower.
This was a fascinating story set in intriguing times. However, Elizabeth as described here, was a very hard woman to like or even feel a lot of sympathy for. Her story brings to mind sayings like: "be careful what you wish for..." and "you reap what your sow..."
I'm not sure yet whether or not I will read the sequels, but they're not out yet, so I can decide that later on.

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