Saturday, May 22, 2010


Pages: 388
Date: 22/05/2010
Grade: 5
Details: Stand-alone

You can always count on Harlan Coben to write a well plotted, fast paced and almost impossible to put down thriller, and he didn't let me down this time.
The disappearance of Haley McWaid is a mystery. Known as a reliable and sensible girl, nobody knows what to think when one morning Haley isn't in her bed, which hasn't been slept in. Three months later, the teenager is still missing.
Wendy Tynes is a television reporter who uses her show to identify and expose sexual predators, which is what she does with Dan Mercer.
But the Dan Mercer is case is far from straightforward and Wendy has her doubts about his actual guilt. And when she witnessed Dan being shot she feels compelled to continue investigating a case that should have been closed.
Things get even murkier when Dan Mercer is linked to the missing Haley and Wendy has to dig deep and hard to get to the truth of both mysteries.
This is a book filled with interesting issues to ponder like what would you and wouldn't you do for your child and whether or not you can and should forget people for past hurts and the costs involved in either option.
Yes, there were one or two minor holes in the plot, but they didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book at all.
And it was fun to have Win play a minor role in this story, even if Myron Bolitar was nowhere in sight.
Coben remains a safe bet when it comes to thrillers.

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