Sunday, May 9, 2010


Pages: 382
Date: 09/05/2010
Grade: 5-
Details: no. 8 Elvis Cole & Joe Pike

Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are asked to look for a young woman who has gone missing by her worried father. The woman is an ex-girlfriend of Pike's and her father still treats Joe as one of the family, so they agree to his request. However, even before they can get their investigation properly going she is found, murdered.
Now the two men are on a different investigation, one which is complicated by Pike's past as a policeman and unsolved issues still lingering from that time. And when another murder is committed and Joe Pike is pointed out as the murderer, the police is happy enough to believe that accusation without question and arrest him. At which point things become really complicated.
Cole's girlfriend, Lucy, has recently moved to L.A. with her young son, but Cole doesn't have as much time for her as either of them would have liked now that his friend and partner is in trouble and in danger.
This is a case that could cost Elvis everything he holds dear.
This was a very good thriller in which apparently unconnected events and people slotted into each other and the story in a completely convincing way. It was fascinating to learn a bit more about Joe Pike, who is very much the dangerous man of mystery up to this point in the series.
The only reason I put a minus behind the five I scored the book is because I never truly enjoy  it when a main character in a series becomes the suspect of a crime. It takes away from the suspense for me because I know from the start that no matter how it looks, somebody else is going to have to be guilty. Other than that, minor, complaint this was a wonderful read though.

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