Sunday, April 25, 2010


Pages: 344
Date: 25/04/2010
Grade: 5
Details: no. 30 In Death Mystery

Going back to this series is always a bit like a holiday from life for me. I love visiting with Eve Dallas and Roarke, get an update on what's going on in their lives, hang out with them and their friends. It feels like I'm catching up with people I know and love, but never get to spend quite enough time with. And then there is the added bonus of a mystery to be solved.
In this book the mystery centers around the murder of Bart Minnock. Bart, together with three life-long friends owns and runs a company that creates and distributes virtual reality games. They are on the verge of revealing a new, revolutionary game when Bart is found, beheaded in his own private holo-room apparently killed while playing a game. According to all available information though, Bart was on his own, testing the new game, when he was killed. But someone must have handled the real sword that really beheaded him.
This appears to be an impossible murder, and when someone else is attacked while playing the same game, Eve has to accept that maybe the impossible can and did happen. 
The only regret I have after finishing this book is that since I'm up-to-date on this series, I'll have a wait ahead of me before I can read the next one.

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