Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Pages: 326
Date: 06/01/2010
Grade: 5

This is a great thriller. It is a fast paced story, with good characters and some fascinating supernatural events, without ever slipping into Sci-Fi territory. Throughout the whole reading experience I had the feeling that these events or something like them might be happening somewhere, with the possible exception of the very explosive climax. And my feeling turned out to be right. . The phenomena as described in this book as well as a large part of the story turned out to be based on real events. Which goes to show that there really is more between heaven and earth than we can explain. It also made the story even more fascinating.
The book starts with police officer Dan Page coming home after a traumatic day to find his wife, Tori, gone without a word of explanation or any indication where she may have gone.
When he catches up with her near Rostov, a small town in Texas, she is sitting in the dark staring at the horizon where she claims she can see lights. At first Dan can't see anything, but after a while he too sees the beautiful and enthralling lights which appear to be dancing in the air, changing colour and shimmering into each other.
As more spectators arrive it becomes clear that not everybody can see them.
The peaceful watching of the lights is brutally disturbed when a man starts shooting, first aiming at the lights and then at those watching them, with devastating results.
In the aftermath of the massacre, the media descend on Rostov and the story of the lights, as do masses of spectators. Also arriving in Rostov are others who's motives are obscure and not peaceful.
In order to save his marriage and his wife, Dan Page needs to discover the secret of the lights. With the lights becoming ever more volatile and people seeking to use them in a deadly way, far more is at stake than Dan could ever guess.
I'll say it again: WOW!

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