Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Pages: 538
Date: 13/01/2010
Grade: 4.5

Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy Nora Robert's books so much. I've been known to not finish books if I feel they are predictable. And Robert's books are nothing if not predictable. The reader knows exactly what to expect and how the story is going to develop and end. Yet, it works for me. Whenever I need a comfortable read, a bit of brain candy, I turn to Roberts, safe in the knowledge that I'll get exactly what I'm looking for, and that I'm rarely disappointed. And I wasn't disappointed this time either.
When Lil Chance first meets Cooper Sullivan  she is 11 and he is a sulking teenager, unhappy to be on his grandparents farm in South Dakota, away from everything he knows and loves in New York City. But during that summer the two kids turn into friends. A friendship that deepens into more during the subsequent visits from Coop.
When Coop suddenly ends their relationship when they're both in their twenties, he breaks Lil's heart.
Twelve years later, Coop is back on his grandparents farm and this time to stay. A little distance away, Lil has fulfilled her childhood ambition and opened a wildlife refuge.
Still hurting from the past rejection, Lil is reluctant to let Coop back into her life and her heart. But, with someone hiding in the mountains, committing murders and determined to kill Lil and destroy everything she loves, Lil has to work with Coop and trust him if she's going to survive.
The ending (and I don't mean the romantic conclusion) was very predictable, but that didn't lessen the enjoyment I got out of this book.

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