Sunday, December 6, 2009


Pages: 279
Date: 06/12/2009
Grade: 4.5

"You can always start again, all it takes is a new thread."
This book made me wonder when you'd call a book "chick-lit" and when it is a novel about women.
As a rule, I don't like chick-lit. I'm not quite sure why that is, although I think it has something to do with that genre seeming to formulaic, often appearing to be trying too hard for my liking.
Whereas a good novel (about women or otherwise) doesn't appear to be trying to be anything at all. It just is; a good story, with realistic characters, that you just want to know more about.
This is the story of Kate Robinson, who flees from Seattle to Ireland when her life falls apart. Having recently lost her mother and seen her relationship ended in the most cruel way, she needs to get away.
By accident she ends up in Glenmara, a village on the western edge of Ireland, slowly dying away.
When she meets the women who together make the most beautiful lace, Kate sees an opportunity to put Glenmara on the map and bring some badly needed income to the village.
But all is not plain sailing. Through work, love loss, strong opposition, personal tragedies and doubt, Kate and her newly found friends cling together to save the village as well as themselves.
A beautiful book that brought tears to my eyes on several occasions and left me feeling completely satisfied when I'd read the last words.

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