Friday, December 11, 2009


Pages: 337
Date: 11/12/2009
Grade: 4+

This book was send to me, together with another title by the same author, by Cindy M. a good online friend. I was very grateful with I received the books, and I'm even more grateful now because this is a good thriller.
It is the story of Josh Michaels, whose car is forced of the road and ends up in a river. It might have been an accident, except that when Josh looks back from his sinking car he sees the man driving the other car giving him the thumbs down gesture. Someone wants Josh dead, and he has no idea who or why, and the police don't believe him.
At the same time, someone from his far from faultless past, resurfaces in Josh's life, determined to punish him for pain caused.
With his marriage at risk and his life about to implode as well as "accidents" continuing to happen and killing others, Josh needs to find out who wants him dead and why, before it is too late.
Like I said, this was a good thriller. The only reason it didn't score higher is because it was made clear to the reader fairly early on who was behind the attempts, and why. I prefer my thrillers to either keep their secrets until the end, or come with a big twist in the tail.
This minor complaint doesn't stop me from looking forward to reading my other book by Simon Wood in the near future.

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