Monday, October 19, 2009



Pages: 374
Date: 19/10/2009
Grade: 5-
Details: no. 14 Harry Bosch Mystery

Harry Bosch is back, and this time things turn very personal.
Everything starts when an old Chinese shopkeeper is shot and killed in his shop. It appears to be a killing linked to the Triads, the Chinese mafia, and very soon a suspect is under surveillance. When the suspect tries to leave the country, Bosch and his colleagues are forced to arrest him.
Then Harry receives a phone call telling him to back-off followed by a video message on his phone. The message shows his daughter, who lives in Hong Kong with her mother, held by people and scared. Within a few hours Harry is on a plane to Hong Kong determined to find and rescue thirteen year old Madeline. Working with Eleanor, Maddie's mother and her Chinese new partner, Harry has very little time to follow the clues and rescue his daughter from a horrible faith.
The 39 hours in Hong Kong will be filled with violence, bloodshed and personal loss and heartbreak.
And after his return to Los Angelos, Harry finds that the original case still holds a few surprises.
As always a good mystery with all the twists and turns you could ask for. Harry is as usual going his own way, but also facing that he now has other responsibilities in his life that he needs to take into account.
And even Mickey Haller, our Lincoln Lawyer, makes a brief appearance.

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