Saturday, October 3, 2009


Pages: 436
Date: 02/10/2009
Grade: 4.5
Details: no. 7 Grant County / no. 3 Will Trent Thriller
Also published as: UNDONE

Karin Slaughter did something remarkable here. She took a series I used to love but learned to hate (Grant County) and combined it with a series I couldn't finish the first book in (Will Trent), combined the two, and came up with a great thriller.
Sara Linton, who has now been widowed for over three years, has left Grant County and is working in the ER of Atlanta's Grady hospital.
She is working when a woman is brought in, starved and horrifically tortured.
Will Trent is also in the hospital because his partner, Faith Mitchell after she had a fainting spell. Horrified with the state of the victim brought in, Will goes to the site where she was found and forces his way into the investigation. Accidentally he stumbles upon a cellar dug into the ground, which turns out to be a torture chamber. Then a second woman is found, also tortured, she has killed herself before help could get to her.
With one woman dead, one unconscious and the local police force openly resisting interference by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,Will and Faith have very little to go on.
But then two more women disappear and the race is on to find out what is going on and save their lives.
I still think Slaughter's main characters could do with less personal issues; her murderers really are more than dysfunctional enough for me. But, this was once again a really good thriller, like the first Grant County books, and I'm hopeful that I might find myself picking up her books again from here on in.
On a side note, I hate it when books are published under different titles on different continents. And this is the third time that is the case with a book by Slaughter.

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