Wednesday, October 14, 2009



 Pages: 502
Date: 14/10/2009
Grade: 4.5

A parents worst nightmare. You arrive to pick up your daughter after a soccer match only to be told that she has already been collected by her uncle. Except, your daughter doesn't have an uncle.
And so starts the nightmare for 10 year old Grace's family. Her mother, a very hard defense lawyer, gets angry and takes her anger out on the world and her husband. Her father, a soon to be very rich computer nerd falls apart and into his usual victim mode. And her grandfather, an alcoholic Vietnam vet has to leave behind his life in isolation and the alcohol in an attempt to help the little girl he adores.
At first, while the authorities are investigating, the family just falls apart. But once the investigation has been halted and Grace written off, it's up to the family to find strenghts they didn't know they had, face pasts they would rather keep buried and unite in ways they thought impossible if they're going to safe the girl they all love, and themselves.
A good thriller, with multiple layers and lots of good twists and turns.The only, minor complaint I have is that the story jumped from one character's perspective to another's too often. For me that eventually interfered with a comfortable and flowing read. 
On the plus side though is the fact that the story of the family and the pasts of each of it's members is at least as fascinating and thrilling as the story of the abduction itself.

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