Monday, April 27, 2009


Pages: 326
Date: 25/04/2009
Grade: 4.5
Details: no. 2 Burren Mystery

The year is 1509, and Mara is still the Brehon (judge) in the kingdom of The Burren (West-Ireland), dispensing law according to the ancient laws and customs.
It is the time of the Michaelmas Tribute when the people pay their lords in good or money in a token of their appreciation. But this time, when the fair where the tributes are paid is over, one of the stewards collecting for his lord is left dead, murdered.
It is down to Mara, as Brehon, to investigate the death and pronounce judgment on it. Her investigation brings her in contact with all the layers of her society, and gives the reader a great insight into the laws and customs in Ireland before English law took over.
However, before long a second body is discovered and the big question is whether or not the two murders are connected, and if so, how.
But Mara has other things on her mind too. King Turlough still wants to marry her, and Mara has to decide if she is prepared to give up her much loved life and independence to become queen.
I really enjoy these books. It is great to learn so much about a time in Irish history I know nothing about. It's even better to do so in a well written mystery, with likable and realistic characters, with the story gently pushing along, taking the reader with it.

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