Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pages: 97
Date: 11/04/2009
Grade: 4
Details: Quick Reads series

This book is part of a series called "Quick Reads". These are books aimed at adults who are learning to read (better). The books are not very big, but they contain full and grown up stories, and there is absolutely no reason why the should be snubbed by more experienced readers. And considering that they are priced at only 1.99 Pound, they are attractive price-wise too.
In this book Kate Mosse returns to the past and to France, like she did in Labyrinth and Sepulchre.
The story is set in 1928 and Freddie is driving through France on his way to meet friends. Although WW I has been over for 10 years, Freddie is still troubled by the death of his brother and the fact that his remains were never found.
During a thunderstorm, Freddie crashes his car but is lucky enough to find a remote village where he finds shelter. He meets a young girl, Marie, there who tells him a shocking story about her family and her village. A story that leads Freddie to discover a centuries old secret and brings comfort to his own life.
This story was so interesting that I could have done with it being longer and more detailed. As it is however, it was a fun, quick and fascinating read.

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