Sunday, March 29, 2009


Pages: 518
Date: 29/03/2009
Grade: 5+
Details: Re-read for my library book club

I'm always a bit apprehensive when I re-read a book, especially one I loved as much as this one the first time around. There is always the risk of the book not living up to my, fond, memories of it. However, this time at least, my fears were ungrounded. This book hasn't lost any of its enchanting beauty over the five years since I first read it. It is still the most original love story I've ever read. And although this time around I knew the story, I was still driven to keep on turning the pages in order to find out what happened next.
Of course, what happens next is a bit of a confusing concept in this book because Henry travels through time. This is a process that he doesn't have any control over and he only moves to places, times and people in his own life.
This time travelling also makes this a rather complicated story to summarize, but I'll give it a go.
When Clare is six years old she meets a naked, grown up man in the meadow behind her house. The man is Henry, who explains to her that he's a time traveller. Over the next twelve years he pops in and out of Clare's life, and Clare discovers that in her future, they are married.
When Clare is twenty, she meets Henry in real time. But while she knows who he is, he doesn't know her because Clare's past meetings with him take place in his future.
However, the future is already determined and Clare and Henry face their strange and at times heartbreaking future together.
The whole time paradox boggles the mind at times, but really only enhances the story for me. Mainly because it made this the most unpredictable love story ever. And because I love the idea that those you love were there before you knew them and will be there after they have gone.
I can see myself happily reading this book for a third time in years to come.

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