Friday, March 20, 2009


Pages: 404
Date: 20/03/2009
Grade: 4

You would expect the person who writes the blurb on the back of the book to have read the story, wouldn't you? Or, at the very least, you would think that the author would make sure that the blurb covers the contents of the book, but obviously not.
From what I read, I expected more threats against Ethan Muller, the main character. After all, the blurb states "... and leave him fearing for his own life." However, that particular danger never materialized.
Having said all that, this is not a bad book at all, and the mystery is a good and intriguing one, just not a deeply thrilling one.
Ethan Muller finds boxes filled with intricate and obscure but very good drawings. When he displays some of them in his art gallery they're a huge success. However, success turns to horror and mystery when it turns out that five of the figures in the drawings are young boys who were brutally assaulted and murdered 40 years ago.
Were they murdered by the artist? Where is the artists? Nobody has seen him for over a year. And why is Ethan's father, from whom he has been estranged for years, so interested in getting his hands on all the drawings?
As I said, there's no lack of mystery here, I just wouldn't call it a thriller.

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Maria said...

Hah! As a writer, I've often heard published writers complain about this. Covers and backcopy are not usually something they control--and often they don't see the flap or back cover words is too late. I was just reading an author's blog. She was complaining the back cover had some history facts wrong and made her look like an idiot...