Monday, March 30, 2009


Pages: 152
Date: 30/03/2009
Grade: 3.45
Details: Stand-alone / Large Print

John Glass used to be a well known journalist, who has now been hired by his father-in-law, William Mulholland, to write his biography.
Big Bill Mulholland is a former CIA operative and now runs a Trust worth billions with his daughter Louise, who is Glass's wife.
Glass decides to hire a researcher to find out facts about Mulholland that the man himself might not want to provide. When he's contacted by the researcher in what appears to be a blackmail attempt, Glass is shocked. But not as shocked as he will be when he's contacted by the police because his researcher has been murdered.
I can't say this was a badly written book, or that the story didn't hold together. The problem with this book for me was that everything about it, the story, the characters and even it's lack of real resolution left me indifferent. Never for one moment did the story grip me or excite me. The writing was good enough to keep me going, and the book was short enough for me to finish it, but at no point during the reading was I excited about the story.

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