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On Tuesday November 4, Bailieborough Library, Co. Cavan was delighted to welcome author Noelle Harrison for a reading from her new novel, I REMEMBER.
The turnout on the evening was as good as we had been hoping and the audience turned out to be very interested in and appreciative of every Noelle had to say.
After Noelle was introduced by the library's manager, Fiona Burke, she proceeded to read sections from her novel, alternating them with explanations about the story and the writing process. The sections she read to us were picked in such a way that only a non reader would not be enticed to pick up a copy of the book. And the information provided in between the readings only made the book and the story in it more interesting. One bit of information that really stuck with me was that she wrote this book in three months, while taking a break from the book she was, and still is working on. I'm amazed that a story as beautiful as the one in I REMEMBER could be put together in only three months time, and delighted to hear that a fourth book can't be too far away.
Noelle is an "old" friend of the library; In the past she has given two creative writing workshops in Bailieborough library. And on this night her willingness to share her knowledge was once again called upon since a large part of the audience consisted of participants of the creative writing course that's currently being held, who of course had several questions about the writing process and why she'd made certain decisions with regards to the story. All these questions were answered in enough detail to be of interest to the aspiring authors, but in such a way that those of us who have no ambitions in that direction had no problem staying interested.
After the reading and question and answer session Noelle took time to sign copies of all three of her novels, which were available for sale, and took her time chatting with all who wanted to. It was a very successful evening, and Noelle once again proved a gracious and interesting guest.
The titles of her three novels are: BEATRICE, A SMALL PART OF ME, and I REMEMBER. And all three are well worth reading.

Pages: 259
Date: 03/11/2008
Grade: 5

I love the way Noelle Harrison writes. It's so descriptive that I feel like I've been picked up and dropped right in the centre of the setting of the story. Right now it's almost as if I've recently returned from a trip to Sligo and the Camargue in France.
This is the story of Barbara who travels from Sligo to London to start work as an au pair, leaving behind the place where her little brother died, and her mother still talks to him.
In London she soon discovers that the family she's working for is troubled, and Mathilda, the six year old daughter very ill.
Within days of Barbara's arrival the family and Barbara leave for the a Camargue in France.
In this beautiful setting things soon become complicated and ugly. And while Barbara experiences love for the first time, her feelings and the trip are doomed when she feels compelled to take drastic action.
Sometimes it takes a long time for situations to become clear, feelings understandable and life to find its proper course.

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