Sunday, August 31, 2008


Pages: 328
Date: 26/08/2008
Grade: 4-
Details: Stand-Alone

This wasn't a bad book, but is was disappointing on several levels.
The first disappointment was that this isn't a new title, but rather the re-publication of a book from 1992. And that fact partly explains the second disappointment. Originally this book was published by Harlequin, which of course means that it wasn't so much a thriller, but rather romantic suspense. And, as far as that genre goes, I'm yet to find someone who can do it as well as Nora Roberts.
As for the story: Catherine Weaver is on her way to visit a friend when a man, Victor Holland, runs straight into the path of her car. Helping Holland to a hospital sets of a nightmare for Cathy, since now those who want to kill him, are also after her.
Cathy has to put her trust in a man who's story sounds mad, but who may be able to keep her alive. Standard fare, but enjoyable.

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