Monday, August 25, 2008


Pages: 414
Date: 25/08/2008
Grade: 5
Details: no. 8 Lincoln Rhyme Mystery

Lincoln Rhyme is working on a transatlantic case when he receives a call from his cousin's wife. Arthur Rhyme, a cousin Lincoln has been estranged from for years, has been arrested for first degree murder, with tons of evidence that he must be guilty.
Reluctantly Lincoln and Amelia take a close look at the murder and the evidence and discover that the evidence must have been planted. But by whom, why and how? They also discover that this has happened before and other, probably innocent people, are in prison.
They soon discover that they are dealing with the ultimate case of identity theft. Someone who uses any sort of information about anyone for his own, disturbed, purposes. And he is just as willing and able to use his access to information against those who pursue him as he is using it against random people.
The Lincoln Rhyme books just never disappoint. They are thrilling, scary, make you think and are almost impossible to put down.
This book has, once again, made me think about all the information that is out there about all of us, and what somebody with access might use it for, a frightening idea.
Apparently, the next book in this series is due in 2010, which seems like a very long wait to me.

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