Wednesday, August 6, 2008


TITLE: ROODKAPJE (Little Red Riding Hood)
Pages: 331
Date: 05/08/2008
Grade: 4

Judith, Lisbeth and Carol Marner were raised by their grandmother. During their childhood, one of them was attacked by a man in a forest, something which irrevocable changed the course of her life.When she was 14 this girl killed a man for the first, but not for the last time.
Now the girls are grown women, but men remain dangerous and the killing necessary, and a new danger gets closer in the form of a retired policeman who is convinced that one of the sisters has to be the murderer. But which one?
"Nothing scared me before I went into the forest, but when I ran out of there, I was afraid of everything. There are a lot of perverted men in the world. There are also a few perverted women. I am one of them" (Translation from Dutch by me)
A fascinating book because you don't often read about female serial killers. It doesn't really matter that halfway through the book it becomes clear which sister is the guilty one. And despite the reader thinking all is clear and it's only a question of when and how she will be caught, the story still holds a few surprises. I'm just not sure that I liked all of those surprises

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