Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Pages: 434
Date: 24/07/2008
Grade: 4+
Details: no. 1 Bella and the Vampires
Young Adult

(Isa)Bella Swan isn't happy to be moving to gloomy Forks to live with her father. This soon changes though when she meets the beautiful and mysterious Edward Cullen. She is very attracted to him and it soon appears that feeling is mutual. However, things are far from straightforward since Edward is a vampire, a fact he's kept hidden for a long time, but has to admit to Bella. And while he hopes against hope that this fact will put Bella off and scare her away, it doesn't alter her feelings for him at all.
Against their better judgment they become involved. An involvement that will put Bella and those she loves in grave danger.
And intriguing, fascinating and fun read, although I did have a problem with the lack of supervision in Bella's life.

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