Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Pages: 370
Date: 17/07/2008
Grade: 4
Details: Stand-alone

Although M.E. Maura Isles does make a brief appearance in this book, her role is so peripheral that this book has to be classed as a stand-alone novel for me. And also, to me, this book wasn't as gripping as the previous ones.
In the yard of Julia Hamill's house a female skeleton dating back to the early 1800's is found. As Julia investigates the bones and the history of her house and those who lived there, a fascinating and horrific tale unfolds.
In the 1830's Boston was in the grip of a brutal murderer, the West End Reaper, who appeared to be killing hospital staff. Rose Connelly is desperately trying to keep her sister's baby girl safe, and gets help from Norris Marshall, a poor farmer's son, hoping to become a doctor.
But the reaper appears to be hunting Rose and the baby, and by the time the who and why is uncovered, it will be too late for some.
Reincarnation appears to be a recurring theme in my books these days, and it can make stories a bit weak, if you ask me. Still, even if it wasn't a gripping read, it wasn't bad either.

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