Saturday, June 9, 2007


Pages: 375
Date: 06/06/2007
Grade: 4-
Details: nr. 1

Two years ago, Kate Valenti's fiance, Peter, died, with his death ruled a suicide, a verdict that Kate has never believed.
She's now a work-aholic attorney finding herself in Angel Cafe with her secretary, Dana.

Angel cafe offers psychic readings as well as food, but Kate is highly skeptical of the readings, Tia, the resident psychic is giving, and Tia's supposed Angel-Guide, Valentine. Until, that is a reading tells her that she's right doubting Peter's suicide. And when her secretary falls under Tia and Valentine's spell and appears to be in danger, Kate, together with her aunt, Francesco. Stephen, the owner of Angel Cafe and Chris, Dana's husband, jumps into action. They investigate Tia, who Peter was also investigating at the time of his death, and Valentine.
But Valentine is dangerous, and not at all the guiding angels he presents himself as.
Good story, but not a smooth read, although I couldn't say what, if anything was wrong with the writing.
There's supposed to be a sequel, and I will read that.

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