Thursday, June 7, 2007


Pages: 425
Date: 31/05/2007
Grade: 4+

Nathalie has been dumped by Simon, the man she had been together with for years, the man she thought would propose to her, the man her family and friends don't think was right for her.
Tom has been Nathalie's friend since childhood and is determined to cheer her up. So, he introduces a game called Alphabet Weekends. Taking turns, and following the letters of the alphabet, they take each other on activities while taking each other out of their comfort zones.
Tom's feelings for Nathalie have changed from friendship to more, but will Nathalie be able to see him in a new light?
Meanwhile, Nathalie's mother, Anna, feels like her life is over, and Lucy, Tom's sister in law is risking her marriage for a man who may not be there for her.
In many ways a predictable story, with a predictable outcome. But it does go deeper than a traditional romance, and in Lucy gave me a character I couldn't really understand or sympathize with.
At times laugh out loud funny, this was an enjoyable read.

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