Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Pages: 360
Date: 22/05/2007
Grade: 4

Leo Holland is in New York, ready to go on a road trip with her friend, Isabel, when the latter fails to arrive from England without any explanation.
Convinced that something is terribly wrong, Leo travels to London and starts investigating her friends' disappearance. An investigation that leads her to Isabel's analyst, where Leo pretends to be a patient, hoping to find answers. But she soon finds she's in over her head, as Isabel's apartment, where Leo is staying, is broken in to, and Leo attacked. And during her sessions with Isabel's analyst, Leo finds herself opening up about herself and her past, almost despite herself. Now she's facing not only Isabel's disappearance and past, but also her own past and insecurities.
Not a bad story, but the twists where not really very surprising. The possible baddies not bad enough and there was not enough of a thrill to make this a real thriller for me.

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