Saturday, May 12, 2007


Pages: 373
Date: 12/05/2007
Grade: 4.5

Parker Kincaid, forensic document expert, resigned from the FBI to raise his kids and keep them safe.
Now, on New year's eve, Washington is being held hostage by a man who has had random people at a metro station shot, and is threatening to keep on doing so unless he's given 20 million dollar. The city decides to pay, but the money is never picked up because the brain behind the shooting has been killed in a hit and run, with his accomplice, the shooter, still out, set to kill three more times before midnight, and no way of stopping him.
The only clue the FBI has is a note from the now dead mastermind, and Margaret Lucas, Agent in Charge, turns to Kincaid for assistance.
Facing a custody battle, the last thing Kincaid needs is to volunteer for a job that could put him or his family in danger. But hoping to safe lives, her reluctantly joins the investigation, where nothing is as it seems and danger and disaster could well be around the corner for him.
Good thriller, but not as good as the Lincoln Rhyme (who makes a brief appearance in this story) ones. In a lot of ways this story was a bit predictable, although I did miss a few of the twists.

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