Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Pages: 400
Date: 29/04/2007
Grade: 5++
Details: By the author of The Sunday Wife


The Same Sweet Girls formed their group in college and have been meeting bi-annually ever since. Now that they are approaching 50, three of them tell their story in this book.
Lanier, who made one dreadful mistake that has cost her her marriage and maybe even her children.
Julie, the governor's wife, who after 25 years of marriage is questioning everything about her life.
Corinne, still plagued by her manipulative ex-husband, is carefully trying to re-establish a relationship with her son, when illness forces her to reassess her attitude towards life.
These three women we get to know really well. The other three we only see through their eyes, never learning a lot about what motivates them.
What shines through this book is the beauty of friendship, without ever glamorising or idolising it.
These six women don't all like each other equally, they keep secrets from each other and have fights, safe in the knowledge that as a group they are solid because they are the Same (maybe not so) Sweet Girls.
And this is one of the reasons this book is so good; it is a realistic story of friendship. Another reason I really liked this book is that Cassandra King managed to avoid making use of quite a few possible, very obvious, plot twists. Had she used them, this would have been a very average and predictable book. Because she didn't the book held my attention all the way through.

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