Monday, April 2, 2007

Rosemary Remembered

Pages: 295
Date: 01/04/2007
Grade: 4.5
Details: nr. 4 China Bayle Mystery

When China goes to pick up her partner, McQuaid's, car from Rosemary Robbins, she finds the accountant murdered in that car.
At the same time, McQuaid is warned that a man he put in jail in the past is now free and may be out to get him and those he loves. In reaction to this news he grounds his 11 year old son Brian and tries to get China to obey his rules as well. However, China has been an independent woman for way to long to let a man determine her life, even if she does love the man.
To add to all the turmoil, Brain's mother now tries to get custody of her son away from McQuaid.
Then McQuaid is asked to travel to Mexico to find the man who is suspected of having commited the murder, and China finds herself responsible for Brian's safety.
And China is not at all convinced that the man McQuaid is looking for is in fact the murderer, so she sets out on an investigation of her own.
And while she gathers information, not all from earthly sources, and gets closer to answers, Brain disappears. An event that makes her priorities perfectly clear to China, and it isn't until she's found the boy again that she solves the mystery.
Eventhough I did know who the murderer was from fairly early on, I still enjoyed this book very much.

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