Friday, April 13, 2007


Pages: 298
Date: 12/04/2007
Grade: 4.5
Details: nr. 10 China Bayles Mysteries

For years China has kept her distance from her mother's side of the family.
But now her mother is looking after the aunt China used to spend holidays with, and calls for help, mentioning the aunt could be in trouble with the law.
Reluctantly China travels to the family's Mississippi plantation where the past is intruding on the present.
China has to delve into her family's past, learning many nasty secrets, to understand where she really comes from and what's going on in the present.
And that present isn't much better, with a murder to solve, a nasty genetic disorder hanging over her head and a relative she never knew existed.
And there's the ghosts, a local woman with second sight, dreams that aren't dreams after all and other unexplicable occurances.
The change of setting was fun and interesting, and all the various mysteries tie in nicely together in the end. Well written and insightful, as always.

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