Thursday, April 5, 2007


Author: Cormac Millar
Pages: 307
Date: 05/04/2007
Grade: 4+
Details: nr. 1 Seamus Joyce Mystery

If I hadn't been aware of corruption being and having been wide spread in Irish policing and politics, I would have called this a cynical book. As it is, it's probably a sad reflection of real life, if fictionalised.
Seamus Joyce is the newly appointed acting director of the Irish Drug Enforcement Agence (iDEA), reporting directly to the minister of justice. He's under huge pressure to ensure drugs related convictions and thus advance the minister's career.
But when a drug trafficer is actually convicted, it poses more questions than it answers.
Was this man set up, and if yes, by who? Why are Seamus' phones being tapped, and why is money being deposited, from Lichtenstein, into an account Seamus didn't even know he had?
As Seamus sets out to see justice done, he realizes that the corruption goes up to the highest levels, and that not only his carreer but also his life is in danger.
And his wife is in hospital with an undiagnosed disease, and possibly dying.
Good read, but the truth beneath the fiction left me rather sad and angry.

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