Sunday, January 6, 2013


Stay out of the kitchen or, in this case, start a new blog.

It was May, 2012 when curiosity got the better of me and I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey. I reviewed that book as well as its two sequels on in this blog and followed that up with a post on the trilogy as a whole and therefore won’t be going into what I thought about the books, the story-line, the writing or the phenomena here again. I will admit though that reading those three books awakened in me a taste for erotic stories that I thought I had left behind when I ended my teenage years.

Eight months and 46 erotic books and stories later I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy the genre too much to give up on it again. I have however also discovered that it is very hard to do (some of) these works justice in a general blog that can be read by anybody. While it is quite possible to give short descriptions and my thoughts on these books without using language or descriptions that might offend some people it does mean that there are huge sections of story I can only refer to in the most general of terms. This is not always satisfying for me and I imagine that it can also be frustrating for those reading the reviews because they want to find out more about the erotic content of a book – the part that I tend to describe in only the vaguest of terms.

I’ve thought about all of this for quite a while now and have decided that the only thing to do is start a second book blog. From this moment onward every work of erotica will be reviewed in both blogs. While More Than a Reading Journal will continue to describe the books and stories in the most general and “inoffensive” of terms, If You Can’t Stand the Heat will allow me to give more graphic details of the stories and to explore my thoughts and feelings about those. Because I won’t be mincing my words in the new blog I’ve added an age-barrier to it. Anybody wanting to read that blog will have to confirm that they are over 18 years of age. While I’m aware that this is a voluntary barrier and in no way stops anybody from reading my posts there, it will serve as a warning for those who would rather not be confronted with adult content.

I’m playing with the idea of doing a bit more than just book reviews in this new blog. I think I may also indulge in posts in which I explore my likes and dislikes in this genre and maybe even try my hand at a bit of creative writing. I don’t know yet. In many ways a new blog is like a blank page; it can be filled with anything and everything that springs to mind. The only thing I know for sure right now is that I will be reviewing my kinky reads in far more detail than I have been doing so far, everything else is “wait and see” both for the reader and for the writer.

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