Monday, January 14, 2013


Pages: 80
Date: 14/01/2013
Grade: 4+
Details: Authors also write as Evie Hunter

Lexi is a curvy woman aged 39 with angel wings tattooed on her back, who has more or less given up on her erotic dreams. With her marriage to a boring and cheating vanilla man behind her, she enjoys reading and fantasising about submitting to a powerful Dom, but she has no expectations of that ever really happening.

Sam is one of the Doms running Hades but hasn’t been involved with the club or the BDSM lifestyle since he married his now ex-wife. He has been admiring Lexi from a distance for a while when an unexpected session of telephone sex shows him that his dream woman is a natural submissive and provides him an opportunity to get her to visit his club.

Lexi has no idea what to expect when she enters Hades and she never dreamt that she would be seduced and pleasured by four masked Doms. Her introduction into this sensuous world is cut short when the scene is rudely interrupted by very unwelcome intruders. Embarrassed and confused Lexi flees the club and determines to have nothing to do with her anonymous Dom or his world again. Sam meanwhile is angry that his perfectly planned evening has come to nothing and is determined to get his “angel” back, even if it means pretending to the perfect vanilla boyfriend. Of course, pretending to be something you’re not always carries the risk of severe consequences when your deception is discovered. And Lexi is not one to be messed with.

This was a wonderful little novella. The story had everything a reader could wish for; realistic and interesting main characters, a captivating and believable story-line and a wonderful happy ending. Sam and Lexi go through their fair share of drama, but none of it was dragged out to the point where it gets frustrating. Both Sam and Lexi have their flaws and quirks as well as their charms and that makes them a pleasure to read about.

And talking about pleasure; the erotic scenes in this book were yummy. Whether it was the phone-sex, Lexi’s encounter with the four Doms or her drinks with Sam near the end of the book the descriptions of what they get up to and how it makes them feel would heat up an ice-cube. The BDSM in this book is of the milder variety, but with Lexi being new to the experience that makes perfect sense; anything more would have stretched the imagination too far. I know I’m going to have fun imagining where Sam might be taking his angel next.

The fact that Lexi, despite being a natural sub, is no push-over gave this book a nice added edge. I loved the way in which she managed to surprise Sam and make him think about what he was doing to her. There’s nothing quite like a strong female character submitting but not surrendering to her Master.

I really enjoyed this story. If I had a complaint it would be that it wasn’t any longer. I would have loved to read more about Lexi and Sam and the antics they get up to, especially the further exploration of Lexi’s new found sexual pleasures. I also hope that this will turn out to be the first book in a series. After all, Hades has more Doms and I’m sure they would like to find their special subs, just like Sam did. My only worry is that now that the authors, in their guise of Evie Hunter, have been offered a more main-line publishing contract, Hades and its members may end up on the backburner. I can only hope that I will be proven wrong on that point.

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Caroline McCall said...

Thanks for the great review. Yes, there will be more Angels, just as soon as we get a minute to finish the next one.


Marleen said...

Thank you for getting back to me, Caroline. I'm delighted that I'll now have more Angels to look forward to as well as whatever else the two of you may come up with. Exciting times ahead!