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Pages: 37
Date: 27/10/2012
Grade: 4.5
Details: Original Sinners 0.6
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The story starts with Mistress Nora in handcuffs, which wouldn’t be that unusual except that these are official issue handcuffs and she finds herself arrested and in a police station. When she’s released her boss, the sexy, demanding and very French Kingsley, is there to pick her up. Exhausted after months of constant Dominatrix work, Nora asks Kingsley for time off. A wish he is prepared to grand provided she’ll infiltrate a rival BDSM club first, finds out who the owner is and why they are stealing Kingsley’s staff.
Dressed in a red coat and carrying her little red riding crop Nora knocks on the rival club’s door and finds herself face to face with Brad, also known as “The Big Brad Wolfe”, and she will have to submit to this powerful Dom if she wants to discover the secrets behind this new and very successful club. Submitting to Brad means turning the clock back for Nora, opening herself up to memories she’d rather forget but also to sensations she still thrives on.

This was one hot and fun short story. I’m constantly amazed at how much plot Miss Reisz manages to get into her shorts without losing any of the steamy details. Story by story I find myself loving Nora more and needing to read more about her and those in her world.  The Big Brad Wolfe was a very interesting addition to the characters in this series and I can’t help hoping I’ll be seeing more of him in future books and/or stories.

This story can be found as a free download on the author’s website.

Pages: 116 (printed)
Date: 05/11/2012
Grade: 5-
Details: An “Original Sinners” Short
              Sequel to “Seven DayLoan
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Daniel returns to America and Manhattan after a year of travelling the world and testing his limits. A year that has helped him come to terms with his wife’s tragic death but has done nothing to help him get over Eleanor, the young sub he shared a week with, who helped him escape from his self-imposed house arrest after his loss and wouldn’t stay with him once the week was over. Now he’s about to enter Kingsley Edge’s world again; a world of BDSM as well as the world where Eleanor spends a lot of her time. Before he meets Kingsley though he has to get past the front door and Anya, a young woman from Quebec who appears to take an instant dislike to him. When Daniel finds out that Anya is about to put her virginity up for auction in order to care for her five, younger, siblings he is worried about the young woman and what she may have to face. But it isn’t until he has another encounter with Eleanor and finally realises that she will never be his that he realises that Anya may well be the ideal woman to make his own. Making Anya feel the same and saving her from the auction won’t be easy though and require assistance as well as a devious plan.

As always Tiffany Reisz managed to captivate me with her story. Daniel is a wonderful character; strong and very dominant as well as caring and thoughtful he reads like a dream come true. With the story taking place over only a few weeks the falling in and out of love happens a bit unrealistically fast. Having said that, the speed with which things happened didn’t bother me at all while reading and only occured to me after I finished the story.  This was a wonderful and very sexually charged love story and I was very sorry when it was over. I just can’t seem to get enough of these characters or of Miss Reisz’ stories.

Pages: 60
Date: 07/11/2012
Grade: 4.5
Details: Original Sinners 0.7

Oh wow, it’s another good one!

Charlotte Brand is fed up with her oh so nice but very boring boyfriends. Out with two friends for the night after her latest relationship has hit the dust, she attracts the attention of Kingsley Edge when she performs her fire-breathing act. When Charlotte finds herself alone with the very attractive and dangerous looking Kingsley he puts a proposal to her. He wants her to move in for a month during which he will train her and turn her into the perfect submissive for an exclusive client of his. Over the course of the next four weeks Charlotte faces her darkest fears and desires and discovers a world of pleasure. She also finds herself getting every more attached to Kingsley. Will Charlotte be able to submit to a stranger after everything she has learned to love with Kingsley or is that one order too far?

This was another exciting story by Miss Reisz. Nowhere near as emotionally charged as “Daniel Part Two” this, like “Little Red Riding Crop”, is more of a fun interlude but oh so erotic. I enjoyed reading a story in which Kingsley took centre stage. He has appeared in almost every other “Original Sinners” book and story I have read but so far I hadn’t been able to from a real picture of him. After this story I feel I’ve got a slightly better idea of who this character is and find myself eager to get to know him better. I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of “The Prince” for a while now, and after reading this story I find myself more impatient than ever.

Tiffany Reisz continues to mesmerise, amaze and delight me with her stories, her characters and her fluent writing. I’m not usually inclined to gush about authors, but I could easily make a well-deserved exception for Miss Reisz. Long may she write…

Two quotes:

“Vanilla sex is all about trust. Rape is all about fear. In that place between fear and trust is where we live.”

“Charlie, in this house the word slut is the highest compliment I can give. It means you are a person who owns her sexuality and is unafraid to experiment and open her mind and body to new experiences.”

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